New Steps of Service

  • We will be providing each guest with a disposable menu.

  • We have discontinued pre-setting tables with napkins, cutlery, glassware, foodware, etc. These will be supplied individually to guests as part of each server's table greet.

  • We will pre-roll utensils in napkins prior to use by guests. Employees must wash hands before pre-rolling utensils in  napkins. The pre-roll should then be stored in a clean container. After the guests are seated, the pre-roll will be put on the table by an employee who recently washed their hands.

  • Refilling beverages from common containers is not allowed.

  • Cleaned flatware, stemware, dishware, etc. must be properly stored away from guests and personnel until ready for use.

  • Take-out containers must be filled by guests and available only upon request.

  • Dirty linens used at dining tables (napkins) will be removed after each customer use and transported from dining areas in a sealed container. Employees must wear gloves when handling dirty linens.

  • There will be no cash transactions. Guests are enabled to swipe their own credit/debit cards, and card readers are fully sanitized between each guest use.

  • Interactions between servers and other employees or servers and guests are to be limited to a maximum of 5 minutes per occurrence.

  • We will try to limit the number of employees serving individual parties.

  • It is the employees responsibility to ensure physical distancing is being adhered to where customers or employees are in a queue.

  • Physical distancing protocols should be used in any area where multiple people gather.

    • Incidental contact is to be expected, however, the goal is to limit this to less than 15 minutes, preferably 10 minutes, and the employees are always wearing their face coverings.

  • We have reconfigured the kitchens to maintain physical distance between employees.

  • We have established directional hallways and passageways for foot traffic of both staff and guests.

    Please Note: This is subject to change due to the constantly evolving protocols and requirements set forth for us by the city, county, and state.



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