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SFOGLIA (sfol-YEE-a): A sheet of hand-rolled fresh pasta dough.

SFOGLINO or SFOGLINA (sfol-YEE-no or sfol-YEE-na): A maker of fresh pasta sheets.

FORGET YOUR PASTA MACHINE. A sfoglia, the heart of this book, is a sheet of pasta rolled by hand. Most people form it with a pasta machine. However, Evan Funke has decided to delve into the beauty and tradition of its origins, endeavoring to preserve and share what he has learned.

American Sfoglino is a debut cookbook from Evan Funke, chef and partner of what has become one of L.A.’s most iconic restaurants, Felix Trattoria in Venice. The book is a comprehensive guide to the art of hand making pasta, specifically the sfoglia. Sharing classic techniques from his training in Emilia-Romagna, Funke provides accessible instructions for making sfoglia at home.

Evan Funke

Evan Funke is a culinary storyteller, a custodian of Italian tradition and a master of the old world techniques of handmade pasta. Funke’s singular passion as a pasta maker and chef was solidified in Bologna, under the mentorship of Alessandra Spisni at La Vecchia Scuola Bolognese. Evan brings nearly two decades of excellence to Gusto 54 in their first international venture on Abbot Kinney in Venice, California. Felix Trattoria embodies a philosophy of seasonality, warm hospitality and the deeply rooted culinary traditions of regional Italy.



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